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Made in the USA since May 1997

Single dildo Jetaime            Jetaime animation

Ride solo and enjoy vaginal or anal sex in private.            0 to 120 strokes per minute!

Optional Eroscillator shown.



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Jetaime with Jack off device          Double dildo Jetaime

Attach your Fleshlight with our adaptor.                  Double the fun for F/F, F/M, or M/M action. 



This site contains sexually explicit material and is intended for adults at least 18 years of age or older.

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Its a Fucking Machine!  Its a Jack Off Machine

Its an Anal Sex Machine!  Orgasms for her or him!

Jetaime fucking machines are not your mother's old Sybian vibrator!

Enjoy sex without a partner.  Fantastic solo sex life.

Multiple squirting orgasms for the ladies!

Attach your favorite sex toys!

Jetaime is the ultimate fucking machine.

Jetaime are true fucking sex machines, not overpriced vibrators like the Sybian.

Buy it and if she doesn't have her strongest orgasms ever, send it back.

Invented in 1995              15 day no-risk home trial!


This site contains sexually explicit material and is intended for adults at least 18 years of age or older.

If you object to viewing sexually explicit material or are not at least 18 years of age or older please leave now.




checkmrk.wmf (1228 bytes)   #60 31 May 1, 2016:   I purchased the Jetaime and absolutely love it. You can set the speed very slow and ride it for hours. It is absolutely addictive.  It feels like the real thing but you can control it yourself. 

checkmrk.wmf (1228 bytes)  #59 Feb 17, 2015:  I wanted to thank you for your exercise equipment as she found it absolutely amazing and extremely satisfying (20 minutes and then slept for 12 hours and she said she felt like she was floating on a cloud) !!!  It truly enhances the normal exercise program.  Outstanding job…   Many thanks

checkmrk.wmf (1228 bytes)  #58  Dec 12, 2014: The machine is great!  Wife loves it, and we are experimenting with some different, albeit somewhat acrobatic positions!  Well done sir!  We couldn’t be more pleased!

checkmrk.wmf (1228 bytes)  #57  Nov 1, 2014:   Well done sir you are a master of your trade. .... my wife has never cummed ass good as the Jetaime has made her. .... it is fantastic... Thank you greatly


checkmrk.wmf (1228 bytes)  #56  Mar 31, 2012:

Hi Jetaime-inventor. :-).

I've got one of your machines...bought it all back in 2003. In fact you still have the Testamonial on your homepage from me.


checkmrk.wmf (1228 bytes)#55  Dec 7, 2011:

I purchased the equipment a year ago from you & my wife just loves it. I have to say she needs a longer dildo than came with unit. I have followed your instruction to make it fit however I damaged the mount. I would like to buy two new mounts with a 6 & 8 inch dildo. Same size round as one that came with unit. Viberating is better if you have them. She just needs longer. Please let me know price & what you have. Can you tell me about your vac lock system and get me prices. I want to get this for Christmas for her. We using the Sybian now and she misses your machine. PS, pass this on to other. My wife is 23 and just loves your machine. She needs the consistant movment with no interruptions and this devise is just great.

checkmrk.wmf (1228 bytes)#50  July 19, 2010:  "We love our Jetaime.  We are a normal couple...maybe a little more open in the sexual department but monogamous.  We both realize that it is just a biological fact that ladies hit their sexual peak in their 40s.  As a 50+ year old man, I was having trouble keeping up with her...Cialis and all...LOL.  We tried mutual masturbation, dildos, name it.  Her main complaint was that she wanted cuddling, holding and intimacy, and it wasn't the same when we used toys for heavy love making (because of the physical logistics).  While she was a bit shy and hesitant about trying a "fucking machine" (and was afraid it would be a waste of money), she agreed to try it to please me.  With me sitting right in front of her on the machine and wrapped in a tight embrace, she had one of the biggest orgasms of her life and screamed in ecstasy.  After she came back to earth, I had the most satisfying orgasm I have had in ages because I could just relax and make love to her, knowing that she had already been to the moon and back.  The Jetaime is a bargain at any price.  We are already planning our next "assisted" love making session.  We keep coming us with new ideas and new positions to try."

checkmrk.wmf (1228 bytes) #49  Aug 21, 2009: 

"Thank you so much for the Jetaime. It is so much better than the other one. It was very quiet and a lot of fun. My husband and I tried it the day we received it and I am very glad we did. I have found a new favorite toy."

"We have the Sybian. Its very very loud (sounded like a lawn mower) and you can only use their attachments. I did not like it at all. The attachments were very hard and not pleasing. We tried it numerous times and I just could not get into it. We have 2 kids and the loudness had me worried that my kids would wake up. The one you made is so quiet that I had no worries so it was easy to take it out and use without wondering if the kids could hear."

checkmrk.wmf (1228 bytes) #46  October 2, 2008:  ( This is from a single lady in South Carolina)

"I love it. It is sensatonal. The feeling is undiscribable.  Using the JETAIME gives me a sexual pleasure I never thought possible, however the JETAIME and the EROSCILLATOR  together has me moaning and purring like a kitten(MORE  LIKE A LION) . THE ORGASM IS SO STRONG IT'S ALMOST TOO  OVER POWERING TO WITHSTAND. I CAN ONLY LAST ABOUT 6  MINUTES ON IT, BUT I'M PRACTICING TO LAST EVEN LONGER.  LIKE THEY SAY, PRACTICE MAKES PURRfect.  HAS ANYONE EVER  BECOME ADDICTED?  WHO KNOWS, PRETTY SOON YOU MAY HAVE A  SUPPORT GROUP FOR JETAIME ADDICTS."

Jetaime vibrates and strokes her to multiple orgasms!

No other masturbating machine does both.

Not even the Sybian!

Female Ejaculation cleans up easily.

Safe, Powerful, Comfortable, and very Quiet !


This site contains sexually explicit material and is intended for adults at least 18 years of age or older.


If you object to viewing sexually explicit material or are not at least 18 years of age leave now!

Your buying this for your wife, not for a porn queen.

Fucking machines that look great in movies are not much fun for real women.  Remember, actresses are paid to get into awkward positions, have fake orgasms, and show their butts.  Jetaime offers you a great view of the sex action, while giving her a comfortable padded seat.  You can't see the dildo moving on the Sybian.  That's not any fun for the man.  Let's face it guys, we are visual animals.  We need to see that dildo thrusting in & out of her wet dripping pussy.  The Sybian action is all internal and can't be seen.  Sex machines must be safe for her.  Fucking machines must be quiet to prevent the your kids and neighbors from hearing it!

Don't buy an inferior or dangerous fucking machines.

  1. If it looks like a tool box or brief case, it does not belong in the bedroom.

  2. Anything that is not padded, has sharp corners or exposed moving parts is dangerous!

  3. Fucking machines who's dildo moves in a fixed direction are difficult to ride.

  4. Electric drills are made with plastic outsides now to prevent electric shock.  Why put your bare ass on a metal sex machine?

Some of the competition make their fucking / masturbation machines with used 12 volt windshield wiper motors.  Other fucking machines are awkward to use, loud like the Sybian, uncomfortable, crudely made, require a second person to operate the controls, or only use their special and expensive dildos like the Sybian.

Any fucking machines without a seat will be uncomfortable.  If it requires the woman to squat or kneel unsupported, it will be uncomfortable.  If she has to supply the motion to the dildo by her movement, she might as well use a hand held dildo and save the money.  If the dildo is mounted on the end of a rod that only moves in & out of a box or frame in a fixed direction, she will have to remain aligned with the dildo & rod.  She will be unable to move her hips during orgasms.  About 95% of all fucking machines on the market have one or more of these flaws.  Don't buy that junk!


Beware of fucking machines that have no return policy.  If they don't trust their fucking machines to last, you shouldn't either.  Most manufacturers refuse to accept returns!  Don't get burned buying expensive junk that the manufacturers know won't last.

Jetaime has a 15-day no-questions asked return policy.

There are fucking machines less expensive than Jetaime.  You will get what you pay for....a cheaply built fucking machines that does not perform well and will not last.  Read their return policy carefully before you buy.

Jetaime is quietest, strongest, most comfortable, and most realistic fucking masturbation sex machine you can buy on the market.  Jetaime's unique features have earned it a US Patent.



This site contains sexually explicit material and is intended for adults at least 18 years of age or older.

If you object to viewing sexually explicit material or are not at least 18 years of age or older please leave now.


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