Jetaime with the Eroscillator


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 May 16, 2005 

"The Jetaime 3 is fabulous!  I want to tell all the wishful women in the world, especially older women like myself,  that it really IS time to throw out the hand held "toys"!  Hand held toys are comparable to using one of the old "black widow" typewriters which were in use 100 years ago!  The Jetaime, comparatively, is like a next generation computer..  And, one doesn't need computer skills to operate the Jetaime and to take advantage of its' vastly updated and enormously improved technology!   It induces fabulous orgasms!  Teamed with an eroscillator, it produces a truly "over the top" experience! 
How it is that the Cialis advertisements are EVERYWHERE, but that Jetaime advertisements aren't is living proof that sexism is live and well.  It may be a trite or trendy thing to say, but the Jetaime REALLLY IS an empowering experience for women.
Thank you!        Almost 60 and still ALIVE"

We have discovered the best toy to use in combination with Jetaime is the Eroscillator.

This clitoral stimulator has driven women nearly insane when riding Jetaime.  We fully recommend it as an option.

The Eroscillator has a power cord as long as the Jetaime so that both may be 12 feet from the wall outlet.


Side view with Ruby Ribbed vibrating dildo at the top of its stroke.   Notice the two hook and loop straps that are supplied when you order this option.  The Eroscillator head meets the clitoris (or anus) perfectly.


This shows how far the dildo will pull out on the down stroke.  You get the vibrations of the dildo, the texture of the ribbed sides, the sensation of the dildo trusting in & out, and the vibration of the Eroscillator.  The combination will drive her wild.

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The top view shows the Eroscillator lined up perfectly to rub her clitoris (or anus).



 Eroscillator moves just like your finger and feels so good.   You can also detach the Eroscillator and dildo for play without Jetaime.

Our price for the Eroscillator 2 Plus is a nickel more than the Eroscillator website, but we include the velcro straps.  Go to their site and read what Dr. Ruth Westheimer says about it.


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