Jetaime's History

"Je t'aime" is pronounced "zhuh tehm".  It is French for "I love you."

Jetaime was invented for my wife and only later did I consider selling them.  She had tried a Sybian and did not like it.  She hated the rotating action, but liked the vibration.  Unfortunately the vibration was too loud for use when our kids were awake.  I sold the Sybian and started tinkering in the garage.  As a result, design emphasis was on correcting the problems encountered with the Sybian.  I searched the patent office for other ideas and soon discovered that no one had patented a very simple design that I had developed.  The original machine was built from common parts available in the local hardware stores.  The Model 1 had a loud motor and expensive custom sewn "motorcycle style" seats.  When I designed the Model 2, I had found a very quiet motor and started making my own seats.   The current Model 3 has a stainless steel action arm and all the moving parts are connected by self lubricating bearings.  We still experiment with new ideas, but the Model 3 is going to be hard to improve on.

It didn't take long before I quit my job and started making and selling Jetaime full time.  I received a US Patent in 2000 for the unique thrusting action of the machine and the screw-on design of the dildo holder.  I added the Eroscillator straps in 2002 for clitoral stimulation.  Jetaime is the world's only vibrating, thrusting, and stroking dildo masturbation machine.  Jetaime Masturbation Machines have been used by couples and by ladies without a partner since 1996 to achieve multiple orgasms.  You will find other machines on the web that only stroke, or vibrate, or rotate.  They all cost hundreds of dollars more and don't work as well.  Most of those machines were made to produce movies and are not comfortable or easy to use.  Many are loud.  Some are even dangerous.

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The history of Jetaime

I got the idea sometime in 1995.  We  needed something to "spice up" the marriage.   I had searched the Internet for new and exciting toys.  The only things I found were impractical or too expensive for us.

The first machine was a wooden box with a hand operated crank.  The dildo was just taped to the arm.  A piece of foam was taped to the top to make a crude seat.  It was cheap, very quiet and it did work.  It took about 4 weeks to convince my wife to sit on it.  

My wife came over and over again.  She scratched me 'til I almost bleed.  But it was not much fun for me.  I had to pump the handle like a organ grinder with his monkey.

I got lucky and found a motor/gear box at a local parts store.  The controls had to be wired inside the box.  With improved seats, it had room for both of us (one dildo).  The controls could slow the motor to a stop.  That was a problem, because the motor would then overheat.  The motor was loud, very loud.  It sounded like a blender or old vacuum cleaner.  When I bought the parts to make the first machine, there was a lot of material left over.  I told some of the guys at work and one wanted to have one for his swinger club.  

I made that second machine from parts left over from my machine.  I had enough parts for six machines if I bought more motors.  Maybe, I thought, I could sell enough of them to pay for our personal machine.  Thus began the business.  

I applied for a patent.  That is another story by itself.  I did all the writing.  It was very difficult and time consuming.  Two years of work finally did pay off.  About the time that the patent was approved, another inventor thought that I had made a machine too close to his invention.  The US Patent Office sited his invention as NOT similar to my machine.  That stopped the law suit in its tracks.  The other guy has yet to produce his machine for sale.  Truth is, most inventions and patented ideas are not practical and will never be produced.

The model 1 with that loud motor was produced for about one year.  It had two black seat cushions on top.  The upholsterer was charging $110 to wrap the body in Naugahyde and  make the two cushion.  I wasn't making much profit and there were complaints about the noise.

I thought I was making a profit until tax time.  I had underestimated my other costs.  Taxes, bank fees, insurance, credit card fees, electricity, use of truck, telephone, computer, Internet connection, web page, patent renewal fees, business license, building rental, postage, UPS costs, boxes, bubble wrap, and tape.  The list keeps growing.  I soon discovered that what I was charging was just covering the cost and I was not making any profit.  I wasn't even making an hourly wage for driving the truck.  The company actually posted a loss for the first three years.

I did a complete cost analysis and decided to pay myself an hourly wage.  This helped my set a new price for the machine.  I had to cut costs or it would not sell.

I found a much quieter motor and external control box.  This would solve the noise problem and simplify the wiring tasks.  Problem was that it cost nearly $100 more than the first motor.  The solution was to buy the more expensive motor and make my own seats.  The net result as a much quieter machine that had more comfortable seats and took less time to make.  I called the new machine Model 2.

The Model 1 and 2 had one common weakness.  The dildo holder was attached to the arm by passing a bolt and wing nut through the holder and arm.  It was simple and easy to move to different holes in the arm for adjusting the dildo stroke length.  The bolt did not fit tightly in the hole of the arm and made a "clicking" noise every time the arm changed directions.  Because the new motor was much quieter, now the loudest part of the machine was the click, click, click that the bolt and arm made.  This problem evaded solution for about three years.

I extended the body of a Model 2 and built the first Double Jetaime as a custom job for a customer.  As far as I know, the Double Jetaime is the only machine on the market that can fuck two persons at once.

The Model 3 was born when I finally replaced the bolt and wing nut with a tight fitting bearing.  The strange thing is that the bearing is the same as bearings used inside the machine for the pivot point and linkage.   The idea was so simple that I didn't see the solution at first.  Now the machine is so quiet that the wet noises of the dildo going in & out of the pussy are the main sounds to be heard.  Only the moans of the rider are louder.

In November 2009, the Model 4 replaced the Model 3.  The Model 4 has the same features as the Model 3 except the wooden rails have been modified.  This makes it more comfortable for the rider to wrap her legs around the machine when riding in positions other than sitting on top.  It saves me several time consuming steps and about one pound less weight for shipping.   

I now have a Jack-off attachment for men.  I tried making something in my shop that attached a masturbation sleeve to the Jetaime.  I found that the Fleshlight masturbator (made by another company) is a better idea.  I have produced an adaptor to fit the Fleshlight to the Jetaime.    

I've read all the claims that the competition makes.  Jetaime does not claim to do any of those miracle cures.  It doesn't teach better orgasms.  It doesn't cure headaches.  It doesn't clear your complexion.  It doesn't improve your I.Q.  It does only one thing and one thing well.  It simulates great sex.  

If you are thinking of building your own machine, let me warn you that it will cost you nearly as much to make ONE machine as I sell them for.  I get discounts for parts from other companies because I have a business license and because I buy in volume.  I buy 50 motors at a time and I pay about half what you will pay.  I get similar discounts for upholestry, hardware, plastic pipe, and packing material.    If you make several false starts before you produce a workable machine, you will have spent MORE than if you bought a Jetaime.  I had $5,400 invested in power tools and materials before I sold the first machine. 

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