How to attach a dildo to Jetaime

These pages load very slowly, please be patient.  It is very important that you see how easy it is to modify and mount a dildo.

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First choose the proper size dildo holder.  We supply the 2" diameter holder with Jetaime, other sizes are available. (2.5 and 2 inch shown)

Second, determine if the dildo needs to be modified or can be just screwed into place.  The Ruby Ribbed and Squirting Dinger have flared bases and do not require any modification or adaptor.

This straight dong required a rubber ring to be added.

The foam block has been eliminated.  You home improvement guys may have noticed that the white plastic parts are from the hardware store.  The black rubber ring is from a pvc compression coupling.  You get two of them when you buy a compression coupling.  There are five different sizes to choose from.  Dildos from 2.5 inches to 3/4 inches in diameter can be made to fit the various size holders.  Our standard holder is for dildo between 1+3/4 and 2 inches in diameter.


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