Jetaime Masturbation Machines

Made in Kentucky, USA - Patented 2000


Single above has a standard vibrating dildo and optional Eroscillator clit stimulator.      Double has optional vibrating dildos


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So quiet that you can hear wet slurping noises!

 Watch her eye's roll up in her head!

 Let Jetaime fuck her while she gives you an incredible blow job!

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Jetaime Features


Trial Period 7 Days from delivery


11 Inches


12 Inches


22 Inches 


35 Pounds
Noise Level Quiet, dependable DC variable-speed gear-reduction motor.  Jetaime can not be heard through a closed door.  It is about as loud as a ceiling fan on high.  The buzz from your vibrator is louder.
Power Cord 12 feet long

Padded seats

1 inch thick, washable Vinyl.  Room for the rider and her lover.
Motor Sealed, DC, gear reduction
Controller on/off switch and 0-120 rpm dial
Power Requirements Set up for USA and Canada.  Use 110 volt AC.  A power converter is required for Europe
Bearings self lubricating
Thrusting speed Variable from 0 to 120 strokes per minute.  Twice as fast as a man, Jetaime never stops to catch its breath or cums and gets soft.
Depth of Penetration The length of the dildo can be changed quickly without tools.  By changing the location where the dildo holder is attached to the arm, the dildo can be raised for additional penetration.  The rider's position will also change penetration.
Stroke length 2.5 to 3.5 in five settings if the rider sits still, more if the rider fucks the machine.
Stroke arm Stainless Steel


Nearly nothing.  Just wipe the seats and wash the dildo.  Self lubricating bearings on the linkage.  The motor is used in industry to stir vats of chemicals or food for years of continuous service.
Cleaning in and outside Mild soap and water, Lysol spray
Clitoral stimulation Optional Eroscillator for mind blowing clitoral stimulation!
Bondage Play BDSM play with optional eyebolt.   Pix 1      Pix 2      Pix 3    Pix 4
Positions to ride Jetaime Jetaime may be ridden by sitting, laying, standing, and doggie style.
Dildos that fit


Patented dildo holder accepts more than 95 different dildos, vibrators, and dongs.

Use any length, any diameter dildo with the correct holderDildos with ribbed or veined sides provide heightened stimulation.

Other Jetaime Models A Double Jetaime that has two dildos for two riders simultaniously!
Invented 1997
US Patents 1. Dildo self aligns with the rider's opening.

2. The screw clamp that mounts the dildo is patented also.

US Patent Date 2000

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