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Jetaime Masturbation Machine, multiple orgasms, 120 strokes/minute ...
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I invented and manufacture Jetaime, a patented masturbation machine for women.   Jetaime can be used in many different positions.  There is room for two persons to sit intimately on Jetaime.

You can earn a $130 Commission for taking an order! 
 If you own a web site,  you can make money by selling Jetaime from your site.  I'm looking for retail outlets for my products.  I will drop-ship your orders.  You have no risk.  You never stock the machine.  
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If you are a video producer, you will be able to produce some very popular videos with my machine.  Wetlands, Denni-O, Jan-B, Fukingmachines, Xircus Productions, and Cdgirls are some of the companies that have produced videos with my machine.  I now manufacturer both a single dildo and a double dildo model.   The double dildo model is great for lesbian love making.  Cameras can be placed INSIDE the machine and UNDER the rider. I offer Jetaime to your company at a greatly reduced price  in exchange for your company promoting my machine in your videos, on your web site, and at your personal appearances.  You will retain all rights to any videos you make. 
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If you are in the live entertainment business, this machine will earn you more money.   This is not an over-grown vibrator.  It is a true fucking machine.  Jetaime has a remote control box and can be varied from 0 to 120, 3-inch-long strokes per minute.  The audience can see the penetration of every dripping wet  stroke.   Let them turn the controls!  Can be ordered with a 12 foot cable.  Many different dildos fit the patented holder.  Use your favorite dildo, vibrator, or life-like dong.  Use the molded member of a famous porn star! 
I am offering a commission on each machine sold.  I'll ship direct to your customer.  Ladies who demonstrate Jetaime at parties can earn money from sales in addition to their regular show business income.  If you thought that the "donkey at the stag party" was a great idea, Jetaime at a stag party is a gold mine.  Host toy parties for ladies and give free demonstration rides to potential customers.  Go to swinger clubs and make money selling Jetaime.  Couples at these clubs are there for one reason, to have as much fun as possible with sex.  Get a booth at swinger conventions and entertain while you sell!  Eyebolts can be added for BDSM action.  Contact me for details.
If you are a Jetaime owner, you can earn a $130 commission for sale of Jetaime to your friends and acquaintances.  By having the new customer place your name and address in the comments block of their order form, you will earn credit for getting the new customer to purchase Jetaime.  The new customer must keep the machine beyond the 15 day trial period before any commission is paid to you.
Contact me for details.