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If you order only accessories, please add $10 shipping to your cart before paying.

animated gif of the jetaime in ACTION......jetaime,  taking boredom out of the bedroom!!

Single-Dildo Jetaime

  Shown here with optional vibrating dildo and Eroscillator clit stimulator and straps.


Single-Dildo Jetaime


free shipping!

Jetaime single





  • single dildo Jetaime
  • one 2 inch diameter dildo holder
  • instructions

You must order one dildo below.




Double-Dildo Jetaime

Double-Dildo Jetaime


free shipping!

Jetaime double




  • double dildo Jetaime

  • two 2 inch diameter dildo holders

  • instructions

You must order 2 dildos below.




Vibrating dildo

                       Vibrating Dildo's

Price $35


vibrating dildo







6-9 inch long non-vibrating dildo

Non-vibrating dildo


Price $15








Jack-Off Attachment

for men

After you order the Fleshlight, use the Back Button to return here to complete your order for the Jetaime and the Jackoff Adaptor.

We have developed a way to add suction to the already great feeling of the Fleshlight.  Every man jacks off.  This does it for you and feels much better.  It is more like a blow job than a hand job.

Jetaime can be used by men now too.


 This is for the adaptor to mount a Fleshlight onto the Jetaime Masturbation Machine.  You also need a Fleshlight to make this work.


Price $25







Extra Dildo Holder

Order this for larger or smaller toys.  Jetaime machine includes the standard size holder (2 inch diameter).




Price $25



extra holders


Jetaime Masturbation Machine with Eroscillator clit stimulator and vibrating dildo.

Eroscillator Plus 2 clitoral stimulator and fastening straps.  See how it is used.

We recommend this option more than any other option.  Its clitorial stimulation combined with Jetaime's natural in & out thrusting dildo action drives women wild.  No other machine on the market combines both pleasures.  You get it all.

Vibrators and straps


Straps only.   $10

Eroscillator & straps  $140


If you order only accessories, please add $10 shipping to your cart before paying.

UPS Ground for continental USA $45.  (Automatically included when you order a  machine)

Shipping outside the USA, Hawaii or Alaska will be actual UPS shipping costs.  We will send you an invoice for the additional shipping that is in excess of $45.00.

Accessories shipped with Jetaime - no charge.


Only if you order accessories separately, $10 postage.  Click here:


Kentucky residents must pay a 6% sales tax.  We are near Central Kentucky.

These custom built machines require up to 5 days to complete.   Total delivery time including week ends may be 12 days.






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