Trade-In that older Jetaime for a new Model 3

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Model 1                                        Model 3

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Look at the improvements:

Galvanized arm                      Stainless steel arm

   Square seats                     Wrap around seats

Controls on side                     Remote control box

4 inch opening for dildo                   6 inch opening for dildo

Loud AC motor                          Very quiet DC motor

Wood door to latch                          No door to struggle with

Dildo holder attached with a bolt          Dildo holder attached with quiet brass bearing

Hard to clean inside                                Easy to clean inside

39 Pounds                                 34 Pounds

0-100 strokes per minute                           30-120 strokes per minute

3 inch stroke                                     2.5 to 3.5 inch adjustable stroke

Any original owner of a Jetaime 1 may "Trade-in" their old machine for a $200 discount one a new Jetaime 3.  We don't actually want your old machine back.  We are just offering the discount to former customers.

If you wish to take advantage of this offer, please contact us below.

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