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Jetaime uses a electric motor designed for 115 volt 60 Hz AC power as found in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Japan, Lebanon, Taiwan, and  Venezuela.   Many countries have electrical supplies that are 220 volt and 50 Hz AC power.  To use Jetaime in these countries, you must also purchase a step down transformer that can supply at least 170 watts of continuous power.  Many such transformers can be found by searching for "step down transformer".  The transformer must be of the "grounded" type. 

This is a typical transformer or power converter.  The second picture is of the Jetaime power cord.


   Below are some of the results of such a search.

None of these sites are associated with Jetaime and are only listed here as examples of the easy availability of step down transformers.  A search of the Internet and business listing in your country will result in many similar finds.  You should expect to pay $25 to $50 USD for a step down transformer powerful enough for Jetaime.  Many American tourists and military use these transformers for their US made appliances when traveling or living abroad.  They generally sell these transformers before they return to the United States. 

 Walkabout Travel Gear      Le Travel Store   Stark Electronic   EBay

Here is a store in London that recently sold a customer a converter for £70

TEL: 0208 852 0119
FAX: 020 83184442


Here is another store in the UK:



This was supplied by a customer in Denmark:

Search for "Konverter" on the page.

Pick the subpage "Produkter" and then pick "Strømforsyninger mm."

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